With ASUS Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) you can enjoy one-year free accidental damage protection from ASUS for your ASUS-branded notebook.  ADP will cover your ASUS notebook computer against accidental damage from electrical surges, fires, drops, and spills.  Our program covers your notebook itself and any built-in or onto-the-base accessories, free of charge.

ADP covers one incident per notebook, within One-year from date of purchase. Owners must register within 60 days of ASUS product purchase.


Accidental Damage Protection

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By equipping your store with demo units you will allow your customers to create a connection with a device.  But what does that mean for you? More sales! By allowing your customers the ability to experience a device with their own senses, they will be more likely to make a purchase.

We offer our ASUS Demo program at 30% off with your purchase of 20 devices or more.  To receive our discount all you have to do is submit a completed rebate form along with Proof of Execution HERE

ASUS Demo Program is back!

For work or for play, our collection of ASUS devices are built to fit everyone's needs.  We offer ASUS notebooks and tablets with a wide range of specs.  From AMD to i5 processors, 4 GB – to 1 TB of memory, a full range of screen sizes, Tablets to 15.6” notebooks, low priced devices perfect for Financial aid spending, and impeccable devices for a high end budget.